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Promises of the Constitution : Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Promises of the Constitution is written in clear, enjoyable 1 1/2 page sections, each easily read in 3-5 minutes. It tells the history, Founders, principles, enemies, and restoration of our inspired Constitution in 129 concise, powerful vignettes.
Promises of the Constitution makes it easy to understand our national greatness and teach it to our families.
Lessons of the Constitution and optional student workbook, turn Promises of the Constitution into a textbook for home schoolers, charter and private schools, and family study time. In both a discussion format and a self study program for families and upper elementary through high school students, Lessons of the Constitution provides additional Biblical scriptures, resources and application exercises of the Constitution.
Reader Response to Promises of the Constitution
"Riveting, compelling, forceful!" Kent V. 
"I can't put Pam's book down! It's different. It captures the beginning student, as well as people like me who know our history. I pause at the end of each section in awe of what our founders gave us." Kathy S.
"Pam's book is easy and fun to read, full of important and intriguing material. I want each member of our family to have a copy. My husband and I read a vignette each night in bed." Marilyn H.

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